Born in Iowa, she moved with her family to Colorado in 1959. Raised in Greeley, Colorado, she graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. in Fine Arts. Her emphasis was in painting and primtmaking. Her specialty are in watercolors, digital imagery, photography, painting and writing children's books and screenplays. She has won several awards on her watercolors.

Some of her photography has been published in Shot Magazine and exhibited at John Fielder's Gallery
in downtown Denver.

Most of her inspiration for her artwork comes from the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, nature and her travels around the world including Alaska and Italy.

The children's book "Let's be Friends" is her first book she co-wrote and illustrated.










2013 Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies (ASFHA) Annual Conference September 23-25, 2013

Kay Blackman's photo title "Colorado Columbine" was one of several selected for theme of the conference, "Mile High Perspectives". The photo best personifies the theme and the State of Colorado.
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Let's Be Friends

Authored by Stephanie James and Kay M Blackman

Fluffy, the little bunny gets scared and runs away when she meets a bear cub named Grizzle in the woods one day. But Grizzle wants to be friends with the little bunny. What can Grizzle do to make the little bunny like him?

This story is targeted for children from age 1 to the elementary school level. The story is a good moral lesson for children that tells they should not be afraid of other people who look different from them.

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